Threat Intelligence

Glasswall's unique take on Threat Intelligence by our own team of experts; Team Coeus. Gain insight on current and future threats you are likely to encounter and vital information to help you stay safe.

The Next Evolution of Phishing is Here

Despite the ubiquitous cyber security technologies and services organizations employ, the unfortunate fact is that email-borne cyber threats still get through. The most prevalent email-based technique that hackers are currently […]

Bulletin: Evasive Spear Phishing

  Glasswall Bulletins mine our Threat Intelligence Platform to explore the latest trends in evasive malware that bypasses the various security layers designed to protect an organization. This first part […]

The Duality of Employees in Cyber Defense

Glasswall recently asked a group of senior-level cybersecurity executives how they view the role of their organization’s employees in cyber defense. The large majority of these executives said that they […]

Bulletin: Windows Vulnerability Targeted Malware

Firstly, our Threat Intelligence data clearly demonstrates that Windows vulnerability malware is on the rise, and as others in the industry are finding, we’ve seen a massive spike starting in […]

Bulletin: The Primary Role of Windows Documents in File-less Malware Attacks,...

Glasswall FileTrust™ Threat Intelligence reports focus on evasive malware that bypasses the various security layers designed to protect an organization.  This bulletin focuses on Fileless Malware Attacks, emerging as one of the most effective and damaging evasive threats that are painting a bleak future for those tasked with defending their organizations.  Fileless Malware techniques […]

Understand the threats that are evading your security stack and how you can address them.